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Reflecting on my first year of university

I’ve successfully survived an entire year of being at university and have just registered successfully for this year and yet it still feels so surreal to admit that I’m a university student. It just doesn’t feel real at all. Is that strange? Does anyone else who’s studying feel like that or is it just cause I thought this would never happen? I mean when I was younger I really wanted to go study but things and circumstances and I never got to, it started feeling a bit like a pipe dream and then I basically just stopped dreaming. Now it’s a reality and it’s like my brain still won’t believe it.

First semester

First semester was hell, well not quite hell but it wasn’t easy that’s for sure. Though I don’t know if it really get’s all that much easier, you just sort of get used to it. But first semester I struggled, particularly when it came to the exams, I got hit with a big life bump and I really didn’t think I’d make it but burying myself in my studies did help although the marks I got weren’t really results I am used to (or was used to in school) but I tried to convince myself that a pass is a pass and someone said to me that they don’t ask how you passed your degree just that you passed.

Second semester

Second semester I got smart and started studying earlier but then that sort of went to the way-side as we decided to move house and I went from renting out rooms in my old house to cover the rent to renting a room from someone else which meant that I now all of a sudden couldn’t live client to client anymore but actually had to make sure that I had a certain amount in at the end of every month. This might seem like nothing for most people but it’s been a huge challenge for me and often I’ve had to take on a mountain of work at a low return just to try make it work.

But despite this challenge… I managed to somehow pass my second semester with TWO distinctions. So very proud of myself. I missed the 3rd distinction by only 5% but it’s really motivated me to kick this year in the backside!

I’ve been vetted and accepted to run a campaign with Back a Buddy so if you are at all inclined to support me in getting my degree I would be forever grateful. Even R10 makes a difference. And if you can’t help financially even sharing the campaign will help as someone who might be able to help could see it. I sincerely appreciate it!

Campaign link : Help Charlie get her Ba in Forensics

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